How to Maintain Clean Floors

Have you ever scrubbed grout, stains, and other unwanted materials off of your floors for hours on end? Such exhausting labor is typical and commonplace. Therefore, it is in the best interests of many homeowners and tenants to learn what causes those stains and what treatments can assist remove them. 

Surface stains 

Then why do floor stains occur? One benefit is that when your beautiful kids and spouse return home from their daily activities, there will be less adorable mud and filth in the house. Then there are the messes that pets make! To lessen the number of dirt stains in your house, think about putting a doormat next to the door. Naturally, spilled food is another common cause of the dreaded carpet stain. According to Earth 911, you can get rid of these stains by using a highly regarded carpet cleaning product or a straightforward vinegar and baking soda solution. Of course, when your entire carpet starts to look dingy, hiring a professional cleaner is always an excellent alternative. 


Mold is another typical problem with household cleaning. Mold loves moist, humid environments. Mold can begin to grow in your home as a result of a leaking pipe or a humid environment, particularly behind wallpaper, close to bathtubs, beneath the carpet, and in other similar places. Even while a small amount of mold is typically not dangerous right away, more mold will frequently start to grow, and its presence can, in fact, make you and your loved ones ill. 

J Bixler Inspections claims that thermal imaging scans performed during home inspections can let you know whether mold-causing moisture is present. Once you've determined what caused the wetness, make the necessary repairs. Dehumidifiers should then be used to further reduce the humidity in your home. To destroy and eradicate the mold, you should also try using treatments like diluted bleach or vinegar. If the issue is severe, get professional advice. 


Finally, removing stains and cleaning grout can also be difficult tasks. As a result, it's simple to think of grout as irritating and superfluous. However, grout is crucial for supporting tile and filling cracks that may be even more difficult to clean without grout. Bren Did advises using hydrogen peroxide and baking soda on a stiff-bristled brush to clean grout. Or, if you think it would be too taxing on your back on a frequent basis, call a nearby cleaning service to perform a deep cleaning on your tile and grout! 

Cleaning your home may be challenging, uncomfortable, and draining. So, understand how to avoid getting specific stains and attempt effective cleaning methods to save yourself time and back discomfort. Additionally, think about getting expert cleaners to evaluate your house and get rid of the stains they can't. 

Kenason Clean will assist if your floors or upholstery need to be thoroughly cleaned. Request a free estimate from our floor cleaning experts right away!

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