SAMs Floor Covering has been in the flooring industry for over 30 years. We have had the privilege to have installed flooring in Hospitals, Small local businesses, Large local businesses, Government buildings on base and off base, Casinos, Hotels, Apartments, and many residential homes. When we are given the opportunity to do a job, not only do we satisfy our clients, but we leave them with a great impression.

We believe that our work quality reflects on our name, and that is why we have certified installers in large varieties of materials; that way, not only are we sending professionals to complete a job properly, but we leave our work knowing that it was done flawlessly. Throughout our time working, we have been able to travel to many of our surrounding states for large jobs, and many times we were able to complete the work under the time frame that we were given. Here at SAMs Floor Covering, we strongly believe in always being honest, putting your best foot forward, and always being proud of your work, no matter how big or small.